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Some people would much rather buy from a small artisan than a big name business. Some people believe that the community in which your business resides is just as important as the business itself. For some people, giving in the form of gifting provides a deep sense of purpose and pride.
At Cherry Oak Lane, we are "some people".
In our shop, you're not buying just any 'ol gift. You're supporting dozens of small businesses; most of which are women-owned. You're giving back to a community that benefits directly from our quarterly fundraising. And of course on top of it all, you're sending a gift that's personal, thoughtful, useful and absolutely unforgettable.


Hi there! I’m Ashlee: a midwest girl who has spent the last five years building an incredible life with my family in South Texas.  I have a slight obsession with pancakes, slow Saturday mornings, baby snuggles and mountain views- although we don't get much of those around here.
Cherry Oak Lane has been a dream in the making for at least a decade. I always knew I wanted to own my own business- one where co-workers were more like family, vendors are more like friends and the purpose went beyond the four walls of a building. With a marketing brain and a creative and giving heart, gifting turned out to be the perfect fit.
I have some really big, kind of ridiculous goals for this business and for our community over the coming years and am so very excited for the future and what I get to wake up and do every day.