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Top 10 Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Top 10 Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Company swag is more than just a token of appreciation; it's a way to show your employees that you understand and value their needs and preferences. The right corporate gifts can boost morale, improve brand recognition, and promote a sense of belonging among your team. Here are the top 10 company swag ideas that your employees will truly appreciate:

  1. Custom Swag Boxes: In an era of remote work and flexible arrangements, custom swag boxes are a fantastic way to connect your team virtually. These boxes are like personalized care packages, filled with mystery and intrigue.'s custom swag boxes offer you the ability to curate the perfect selection of branded items for your team, along with fully customized packaging. It's a unique and engaging way to show your appreciation.

  2. Popular Swag Items for 2023: Stay current with the latest trends in corporate swag. JBL Clip 4 Speakers, Wireless Charging Mouse Pads, Que Bottles, and Thule Tech Bags are all the rage. Your employees will love these tech-savvy gifts that make their work lives more enjoyable and efficient.

  3. Tech Accessories: Enhance your employees' tech experiences with swag like custom Tile Mates for tracking lost items, silicone phone wallets, webcam covers for privacy, and RFID phone wallets with a sleek design. Tech accessories can be practical and appreciated by all.

  4. Self-Care Swag: Show your team that their well-being matters with self-care items like Fleece-Sherpa Blankets, B1802 Bar Soap Sets, EOS Lip Balm, Lavender Care Kits, and basic Hand Sanitizers. These thoughtful gifts provide comfort and practicality, and sometimes, that branded hair clip can save the day.

  5. Eco-Friendly Products: Choose eco-conscious swag that reduces waste and encourages a sustainable lifestyle. Some eco-friendly options include reusable straw sets, bamboo backpacks, Porter Seal Tight Bowls, Next Level Eco Blend shirts made from recycled materials, and Allbirds Lace Kits. These items make your employees' lives easier and show your commitment to the environment.

  6. Backpacks: Backpacks might not be the flashiest swag, but they are incredibly practical. Your employees can use them for work, travel, or daily commuting. Consider environmentally friendly options like the Shore-Tex Daypack, Cocoon Recess Backpack, and Ogio Shuttle Bag. These choices provide comfort and functionality, making them a valuable addition to your employees' collection.

  7. Fitness Gear: Encourage a healthy lifestyle with fitness-related swag. Branded yoga mats, massage balls, Polar Neck Towels for staying cool during workouts, and fitness trackers are excellent choices. Whether your employees are fitness enthusiasts or need a little motivation, these items can be their perfect companions.

  8. Travel Swag: Business travel can be challenging, and quality travel swag can make a difference. Consider items like the Bellroy Travel Folio for organizing travel documents, Qi Portable Chargers for keeping devices charged, and branded luggage tags for added style and security. These swag options are perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles.

  9. Coffee Swag: In the world of endless Zoom meetings and remote work, coffee consumption is at an all-time high. Asobu Cold Brew, Iselin Mugs, and Gourmet Coffee Bags are top choices. These gifts provide the caffeine boost your employees need and keep them going throughout the day.

  10. Water Bottles: Custom water bottles are an employee favorite. They're practical, eco-friendly, and offer plenty of branding opportunities. Choose options like The Bali Bottle, Collapsible Water Bottles, and The Silo Bottle. These sleek and functional bottles are perfect for staying hydrated at work and on the go.

By selecting swag that caters to your employees' preferences and needs, you can create a lasting positive impression. These top 10 company swag ideas combine practicality, eco-consciousness, and style, making them valuable assets to your team's daily lives. Remember, when it comes to corporate gifts, it's not just the thought that counts, but the understanding and consideration behind the choice that truly matter.

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